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Among the various Italian Institutes that care about these marine mammals, and are fighting for their protection, stands the Tethys Research Institute. Founded in 1986 , the Institute is composed of biologists and naturalists who in the course of over twenty-five years of activities have made an extraordinary contribution to the knowledge and conservation of these animals.

Almost thirty years of hard and passionate work allowed Tethys to move the general public attention towards the Mediterranean cetaceans, and to better understand how to mitigate the pressures that threaten these wonderful animals.

All this effort has very high cost and you too can support the work of Tethys with a donation. Your contribution will help researchers to pursue their work, and will contribute to the conservation of cetacean populations of the Mediterranean Sea. There are various ways to help Tethys, from simple contribution to participation in one of our research projects.


Whales and dolphins are increasingly endangered, exposed to threats ranging from entanglement in fishing gear, collision with large boats, habitat degradation, lack of food caused by overfishing, to pollution and underwater noise. Cetaceans, especially those living in the Mediterranean, are indeed poorly known and even less protected.

The safeguard of marine mammals and their environment is Tethys’ mission, achieved through the provision of sound scientific knowledge.

Help the conservation of whales, dolphins and seals with a donation. Even a small amount will make a difference!

Our research projects

Cetacean Sanctuary Research – DONATE FOR WHALES

Research aimed at the conservation of the 8 species of cetaceans in the Pelagos Sanctuary is the mission of the CSR project

Ionian Dolphin Project – DONATE FOR DOLPHINS

The IDP research efforts are primarily focused on the conservation of the bottlenose dolphin, the endangered common dolphin and Mediterranean monk seal, in the coastal waters of western Greece.



With a donation you can contribute to study and safeguard mediterranean sperm whales and in particular social groups of females and calves. With the help of Siram Veolia, a benchmark company for ecological transformation, we are raising funds for additional surveys in winter, when these animals could be especially at risk of collision with cargo freighters.


Do you want to make a whale of a difference? With a donation of € 500 or more, you will have the opportunity to name one of the “new” sperm whales identified in the past two years.

Some of the animals that appear in the catalogue have only an acronym at the moment. If a person, an institution, or a company donates € 500 or more, they will have the opportunity to choose a name for one of the beautiful sperm whales.

Choose one of the flukes, or your “special” year, make a donation, and get the customized electronic certificate with the picture of the whale. You can have it with your name, or you can dedicate it to someone. Minimum donation is 10 Euros.

Take a look at the whales

The endangered monk seal needs your help

Your donation to the Ionian Dolphin Project, no matter how much, will help us continue our long-term research, education, and conservation programs. We simply cannot do this work without the occasional support from people like you, people who care. If you can donate, please do and we guarantee you that we will make the best possible use of your contribution.


Meet whales and dolphins not just by whale watching, but by helping researchers concerned with marine conservation.

Join us in Vonitsa to study dolphins in the beautiful setting of Ionian Greece or get a place on board the motorsailrer “Pelagos” engaged in whales and dolphins research in the Ligurian Sea. Both Tethys’ projects are citizen science projects: non-specialists are a valuable help for researchers in the field and their support is essential. Nevertheless no particular skills, nor scientific or nautical experience are required to participants: it takes only good will and enthusiasm to make a difference. And it is an amazing experience of a lifetime!

5 x 1000

In 2016 the Tethys Research Institute – first organization in Italy in its genre – celebrates its 30 years of activity: Tethys’ researchers are committed in the study and knowledge of Mediterranean marine mammals, by the help of the most advanced technical equipment in order to set up the basis for solid conservation actions towards animals and their environment.

For the individuals who declare taxes in Italy a simple way to support our work is by signing for the 5×1000 in the tax declaration module. See how.

For the future of our seas

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At the moment we do not have any open position. However you might consider  applying as Field Research Assistant in one of our projects.

Apply as field research assistant or for a thesis

Applications are open each year from November 1st to January 31st

Please download here the guidelines to apply.